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Young Driver Road Safety Video

Below I have posted a you-tube video that was published on 6th May 2016 that I believe has a very important message for all who drive on our roads. I especially recommend that the Parents/Supervisors of young drivers take the time to view the whole video. It will be worth your time.

Video by Dr.Bridie Scott-Parker

Australian Academy of Science

Published on May 6, 2014
Despite a plethora of intervention, young drivers continue to be over-represented in road crashes, a persistent global road safety problem which was first recognised more than 50 years ago. Rather than asking the same questions and thus realising the same answers, Dr Scott-Parker’s innovative approach to improving young driver road safety operationalises holistic, systems thinking, revealing heretofore unrealised potential avenues of intervention. This innovative approach to understanding factors contributing to young driver risk will be described, as will her most recent research findings and implications for intervention across all levels of the young driver road safety system. Dimensions of note are her findings regarding the impact of punishment avoidance, the need to scaffold the learning-to-drive phase, and the identification of a lack of integration and coordination within the young driver road safety system.